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The Department of Yoga & Human Consciousness is actively engaged in Teaching (UG & PG) and research activities. The aim of the department is to teach the traditional and western aspects of consciousness to students of graduation, post–graduation and diploma courses. The department is also equipped with Psychology Laboratory which helps to teaching practical aspects of the curriculum and research activities. The lab is furnished with a wide range of standardized psychological tests, questionnaires, inventories, intelligence tests, personality assessments and various apparatus. It has also procured various scientific instruments and tests for conducting experiments in Psychology which are being used to conduct laboratory sessions for undergraduate (B.Sc.) and postgraduate (M.Sc.) courses as well as for research on psychological variables. The inventory of instruments include: Tachistoscope Apparatus (Electronic), Stroop Effect Test, Muller- Lyer Apparatus, Mirror Drawing Apparatus (and Digital), Memory Drum Apparatus (Digital) and Human Maze Learning Apparatus. These pieces of equipment’ are used to conduct various experiments including those related to Reaction Time, Visual perception, Eye hand coordination & Transfer of Learning, Maze Learning, Cognitive functioning, among others. Students not only learn about the concepts and theories of Yoga, consciousness and Psychology but also engage in experiments based on these theories. In the academic year 2022-23, department procured some advanced cognitive tests such as Trail making test, CANTAB, Wisconsin Card Sorting Test and Iowa Gambling Task Test to upgrade the laboratory for further research and academic excellence. The institute aims to develop the department into a leading academic and research unit in the field of study in Human Consciousness studies.

Faculty List

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1. Dr. Shubham Kirar Suryawanshi Assistant Professor

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