Postgraduate (M.Sc. Yoga)

S.No. Title Contributor
01 Effect Of Nabho Mudra On Well-Being And Salivary Lipid Profile Of Adolescents Yazurved Sharma
02 Comparative Study Of Bhakti Yoga In Narad Bhakti Sutra, And Shrimad Bhagvat Gita Suruchi Mishra
03 Impact Of Yogic Practices On Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease SamritiBhalla
04 Psycho-Physiological Effects Of Short-Term Meditation Minkush Pal.
05 Effect Of Yoga On Menstrual Disorder Radhika Tomar
06 A Review Study On Philosophy And Practice Of Karma Yoga In The Context OfBhagwad Gita In Reference To Positive Psychology Rahul Jha
07 Traditional ChandrayanaVrata And Its Impact On Health Muruli M.R
08 A study on the words “Yoga” and “Yukta” and its various meaning in the context of Bhagavadgita and in the light of Gudarthdipika (commentary on Bhagavadgita) Sanskriti Arora
09 Effects of Yogic Practices on Chemotheraphy induced side effects in females with Breast Cancer Gopal Sharma
10 Effect of Yoga on sleep disorders Paramveer Dhillon
11 Impact of quality of sleep on quality of life among college and university students Smriti Tyagi
12 The efficacy of Yogic Practices on core muscle strength in adults Ujjwal Saxena
13 Effect of meditation on occupational stress Vibha Pal
14 Role of Yogic Practices in the management of constipation Deeksha Tripathi
15 Concept of samadhi in patanjali Yoga Sutra and Yogopanishads Sagar
16 Psychological- Physiological effects of Bandha and Hastha Mudra Pratima Verma
17 Effects of Yogic Mudras on Pscho-Biochemical parameters Urvashi Tyagi
18 The Efficacy of Yoga Practices on Text neck syndrome in Smartphone users Gyanander Singh
19 Comparative study on Samadhi in the view of Vedanta (Yoga Vasistha) and Yoga (Yogasutra with VivaranaTika) Mansi Singh
20 A Systematic review on the effects of Yoga on sleep quality in women with sleep disorder Khushi Singh
21 Efficacy of Yog-Nidra on Stress, Anxiety and Aggression Levels in school going children Chanchal Vijay
22 Impact of Yoga on perceived stress and pain level in young working females with primary dysmenorrhea Priya Srivastava
23 Effect of Yoga-Nidra on occupational stress among corporate sector employees Sulbha
24 Effect of BinduTrataka on Cognitive Performance of Adolescents Akanksha Barthwal
25 Physiological and Psychological effect of Yogic Practices on Adolescent Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome Dishani Lodh
26 Effect of Yoga break ( Y-break) protocol at workplace on the stress related psycho- biological parameters of working professionals Tanmay Gaur
27 Effect of Yogic Practices for pediatric and adolescents' obesity Sampathirao Hathakeswara Rao
28 The Effect of Pranayama (As per Trishikhabrahamana Upanishad) on sleep quality in adults Prakhar Tyagi
29 Effect of Yogic Practices on women affected by stress Urinary Incontinence Samiksha Nehra
30 Impact of Suryanamaskara on Human Body Varun Nautiyal
31 A study the effect of Mahamrityunjay Mantra on memory and concentration in Yoga Practitioners Km Mona Devi
32 Effect of Cyclic Meditation on Healthy and Non-Healthy Individuals Dharna Singh
33 Impact of Contemplative Meditation on Mobile and Internet Dependency in College Students SachinChaturved Sachin Chaturvedi
34 Effect of SmaranShaktiVikasakKriya on Memory of College Students Kajal Tyagi

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