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Department of Allied Sciences, MDNIY is dedicated for teaching allied sciences subjects to Yoga students/sadhaks/followers. The department has a Biochemistry Laboratory, fully equipped with modern instruments for students practical (Undergraduate and Post-Graduate Degree Courses, Post Graduate Diploma in Yoga Therapy for Medicos and Para medicos (PGDYTMP), and various other short-term courses) and research purposes. The faculty of the department also delivers their lectures in various short-term courses/workshops.


In Biochemistry, students are taught with chemical changes which occur in the organism during digestion, absorption, excretion, growth and multiplication of the organism. Qualitative and quantitative analysis of body fluids, which are subject of clinical biochemistry assist the clinicians in the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of the disease and drug monitoring, tissue and organ transplantation, forensic investigations and so on are the subject of clinical biochemistry. Various biological fluids subjected to chemical tests and assays include blood, plasma, serum, urine, cerebrospinal fluid (CSF), ascetic fluid, pleural fluid, faeces, calculi and tissues.


The Biochemistry Laboratory of the Department consist of advanced equipments such as Analytical Weighing Balance, pH meter, Vortex mixer, micro-centrifuge, Water Distillation Unit, Incubator, Oven, Centrifuge, Hot Water Bath, Refrigerator, Calorimeter, Paper chromatography apparatus, Thin layer Chromatography apparatus, Urinometer, Urinalysis material, Semi-auto-analyser, Immuno-analyser, Hand-held Blood analyser, Dual Beam UV-Vis Spectrophotometer, Multi-mode microplate reader.


Biochemistry Laboratory is upgraded with basic and advanced instruments for hands-on-training of the students. The laboratory has Multimode microplate reader, Spectrophotometer, Semi-auto analyser to conduct basic research in the field of Yoga Research.

Faculty List

S. No. Photo Name Designation
1. Dr. Khushbu Jain Assistant Professor (Biochemistry)
2. Smt. Varsha Phale Mukherjee Medical Lab Technologist

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