In the ever-evolving digital landscape, MDNIY Information Technology (IT) assets play a crucial role in shaping and optimizing various facets of our lives. For a holistic and seamless yoga experience, the integration of IT assets becomes essential. Here's a breakdown of key IT assets that contribute to this synergy and their breakpoints.

Yoga Ayush

Yoga Ayush Portal


Yoga Ayush Portal is a well-designed and user-friendly website, serves as the virtual gateway to the world of Yoga. It is a platform where enthusiasts can access information about International Day of Yoga, Common Yoga Protocol, Yoga Dictionary, Yoga Research, Publications, Yoga Gurus, Yoga Institutions, Yoga Certification Board, Online Registration and many more. The interactive features enhance user engagement and provide a comprehensive online presence.

Yoga Ayush

Y Break App


Yoga Break (Y break) protocol devised with an aim to help professionals to de–stress, refresh and re-focus. It consists of a few ‘Light’ practices that can be done by taking a few minutes break from work. The protocol comprises few simple Yoga practices which includes Asana (postures), Pranayama (breathing techniques) and Dhyana (meditation). It has been carefully developed by eminent experts and a tested protocol. The Protocol was also made available in public domains of MDNIY, Mo/Ayush and MyGov Platforms. To assess the efficacy of the Y break protocol; it was put on 15 day’s trial which was conducted in COLLOBORATION with six leading Yoga Institutes of the country. Trial results show Yoga break protocol can bring notable changes in health parameters of the working population.

To popularize and increase usage of Y- Break protocol by general public especially the persons at work place, MDNIY has developed Videos of Y break, which are available on MDNIY YouTube channel links are as follows:


Yoga Ayush

Namaste Yoga App


The Ministry of Ayush’s Namaste-Yoga mobile app is available on Google Play Store and iOS platforms. This app offers everything that you need in your life with respect to the goodness of Yoga. Be it the location of Yoga trainers, centres and events, practising of Yoga asanas, tracking of fitness activities or Ayush merchandise, you can get it all here! It is being managed by MDNIY. Mobile applications bring the benefits of yoga directly to the palms of users. Namaste Yoga and Y-Break apps can offer guided meditation sessions, instructional videos, and progress tracking tools. Integration with wearables and personalized content delivery ensures that users can practice yoga at their convenience, fostering a sense of continuity in their journey.





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