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  • Articles by eminent Yoga professionals
  • Concise and mini reviews on topics of current interests
  • Brief communications on all aspects of fundamental and clinical research on theory and philosophy of Yoga
  • Case reports of special therapeutic interest
  • Papers on normal metabolic process relevant to human diseases
  • Book reviews



Manuscripts (English and Hindi) shall be complete with figures, tables and references and be submitted in triplicate along with a soft copy of the article. Papers will be subjected to peer reviewing. Any comments of experts will be communicated to the authors. The Editor reserves the right to correct the grammar mistakes and necessary corrections even of accepted papers. 

Undertaking by the Authors

An undertaking has to be signed by all the authors that:

  • The contents in the whole or in part, for the paper entitled “________” submitted to “Yoga Vijnana” have not already been published elsewhere in whole or in part.
  •  The contents in whole or in part, for the paper entitled “________” submitted to “Yoga Vijnana” will not be published in any other journal unless the authors receive a rejection letter from the Editorial committee of “Yoga Vijnana”.
  • The authorship of the paper will not be questioned by any one of us or by any other person whose name is not given and
  • The Editor, the members of the Editorial Board, Associate Editors and Scientific Advisor Committee will not be responsible for either the views expressed by the author or any possible controversy regarding the authorship of the paper.

Typed manuscripts should be double spaced n one side of the paper only, leaving 4 cm margin. Front page should have brief and precise title (all capitals); the names and addresses of authors and institutions at which the work was carried out; present address of the author(s) if different as a footnote; abstract key words (not more than 5) below the abstract for indexing and author for correspondence for papers with multiple authorship as footnote. The paper should be divided into Abstract, Introduction, Materials and Methods, Results and Discussion, etc.


Abstract should be restricted to summary of the important results and conclusions only without general statements. It should not exceed 150 words and be on first page without abbreviations. 


Introduction mention must be made to the previous work on the subject if the paper briefly, quoting the references by numbers within brackets in the order in which they are cited. Too many unnecessary details and very old references should be avoided. The reasons for carrying out the present investigations and the lacunae in our present knowledge have to be clearly pointed out.


Materials and methods should contain sources of material and all the actual methods employed in brief.


Results and discussion may be given separately or combined according to the discretion of the authors. Lengthy discussions and postulations not based on the actual findings of the study should be avoided. Authors are advised to avoid too may paragraphs. 


Standard abbreviation should be used after giving the full names first time introducing the terms along with the abbreviations in parenthesis.


Figures (Legend Also) and Tables should be on separate pages and numbered consecutively (1, 2, etc). The figures should be drawn clearly in Indian ink on good paper. One original drawing and the other two sets of photographs should be send. Computer generated graphics in black in good quality laser printer are also acceptable. Only standard symbols should be used for figures. Tables should have brief titles and without vertical lines. Statistical significance etc have to be as foot note to the corresponding tables.


References should be numbered in order of citation in the text appropriate place in brackets in line with the text. References in the end must be on separate sheets in serial order. They must be complete with names and initials of the authors, year, title of the paper, name of the journal, volume and first and last page numbers and place of publication have to be given. Titles of journals have to be abbreviated in conformity with the list of periodicals.


A sum of Rs. 1000/- as honorarium and Rs. 100/- towards the postage shall be paid to the first author of the article. Total no. of 25 free copies of the published article shall be provided to authors.
Copyright (@) Morarji Desai National Institute of Yoga, New Delhi.; No part of this publication should be reproduced and/or stored in a retrieved system or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording or otherwise, without the prior permission from the Publishers.