Last Updated On: 16/08/2018

Communication & Documentation department of the Institute collects all information, news, latest developments related to Yoga lectures and discussions organized in the Institute and place them in the library for reference.  In addition, this Section is in the process of making digital copies of ancient Yogic scriptures for preservation, promotion and reference.

The Institute brings out booklets, leaflets, informative brochures etc. on fundamental aspects of Yoga and Yogic practices as well as on different diseases for the benefit of common public.  The Institute is also participating in National / International events like Health Exhibitions, Health Melas, Festivals, Seminars, Conferences etc.

Newsletter: The Institute brings out quarterly newsletter, which contains activities and programmes of the Institute in brief.

OtherPublications: The Institute has brought out some, books, booklets, IEC materials, Yoga charts, CDs, calendars etc. for the benefit of general public.


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